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Icons & Graphics
Hello there! Thanks for dropping by my little community. If you didn't already know, this is the icon/graphics comm of _mytruth_.

Membership is open to everyone, but only I have posting privileges. Or feel free to friend this journal to stay updated. This journal will never be friends-locked. These are free for everyone, so there's no need to restrict access. But please do be kind and remember to tip your waitress credit me if using.

+ Comments are love
It helps us to know what everyone likes.
+ Credit is required
Credit always required unless otherwise noted.
+ No stealing or hotlinking
Please don't steal my bandwidth or images. There are plenty of free spaces to host pictures, such as Photobucket.
+ Blanks are not bases
Unless specifically stated, blanks are not to be used as bases and modified in any way. If you see something not listed as a base that you would like changed, just ask me first!


If you'd like to be affiliated with Champagne Toast, just leave a comment on any entry and I'll add you. Graphics/icon communities preferred, but may make exceptions!

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